A Retirement Strategy for a Lifetime

A Retirement Strategy for a Lifetime

Saving for retirement is a long-term endeavor. It’s not about finding the next hottest stock or trying to get rich quickly. It requires a different perspective on your wealth and income that accounts for your needs in different stages of your life, from the beginning of your working years through your retirement. The following concepts will help simplify your lifetime retirement strategy into categories you can use for your changing financial goals as you age.

What Role do Risky Assets Play in Your Retirement?

Your retirement savings can be separated into different categories, one of them being a risk category. This category is for high-growth assets that may grow a lot in value but could see significant pullbacks during a downturn. This is usually emphasized when you have many years to recover from a downturn before utilizing your savings to cover your costs of living in retirement.

Consider Safe Assets in Your Retirement

Safe assets are assets that may not have a great upside but don’t have as much of a downside. Depending on your income goals and risk tolerance, this category can provide you with dividend or interest income that can supplement other
forms of retirement income. A common strategy is to withdraw gains from your risky assets into your safe assets at a rate that fits with your retirement timeline and risk tolerance. This allows you to steadily build up your safe or income-earning assets without having to time the market.

Have Income-Earning Assets Built to Cover Your Costs of Living

Income-earning assets usually consist of cash held in checking accounts, savings accounts, or short-term Certificate Deposit accounts. Social security payments are also used for income and altogether can provide robust if your savings were properly grown and protected over the course of your lifetime. During working years, these assets may not be as advantageous given you’re working for income, and your savings goals are to build wealth, not to spend it. But come retirement, having sizable funds in stable, income-earning assets is key to covering your costs of living.

There’s no better time than now to discuss how your lifetime retirement strategy can be constructed to work for you. 


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