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With over 20 years in business, Goldstone Financial Group has garnered many fans in our clients, both long and short-term. Our top-notch professionalism, trustworthiness, and family-like atmosphere make us the go-to for comprehensive and unbiased financial advice in the Chicagoland area. But don’t take our word for it – keep reading to see what our clients have to say about us.

All of the following testimonials are from current Goldstone Financial Group clients, and no compensation has been given for their statements.

Client Testimonials

Presented With Serious Tax Savings For The Next 10 Years

Working with Goldstone has been a true blessing. They don’t present you with a sales job…they educate you. Once they educate you, they can structure their services to fit you needs and wishes. Our recent review included a discussion with a high level CPA specialist and was presented with serious tax savings for the next 10 years. The advice was far beyond our expectations, expanding our trust and confidence in the Goldstone Team!

Michael F. (Client Since 2022)

We Can Continue To Live Our Lives in Comfort

Goldstone has done a very good job for us. In addition to balancing our investments, they implemented plans to reduce our taxes in the future. My wife and I are both retired now and we are confident we can continue to live our lives in comfort and without financial distress.

Alan P. (Client Since 2022)

True Professionals

Anthony Pellegrino and their team are true professionals! They are always responsive, attentive, and go beyond the call of duty to make sure you understand their products and services. We have been clients for over 10 years and found them to be customer service oriented and always providing a full array of social activities to stay in touch with their clients in a non sales setting. We would recommend the Goldstone Financial Group without reservation!

Bernard F. (Client Since 2010)

Highly Recommend

I highly recommend them, they are great.

Colette C. (Client Since 2010)

They Always Look Out For Your Best Interests

We have been long term clients of Goldstone and it has been comforting to know that they ALWAYS look out for your best interests and address all concerns. Cannot imagine working with any other financial team.

Gail P. (Client Since 2011)

Like Working With Family

Working directly with Anthony Pellegrino is like working with family. We have been with Goldstone for over 10 years and have never had a negative issues with the entire staff. All staff is friendly and knowledgeable and if they can’t help you directly, they will find someone in their office to satisfy any of your needs. Thanks for all your help Goldstone.

Arthur H. (Client Since 2011)

Excellent Advice & Guidance

Choosing to do business with Goldstone Financial Group was the best financial decision I have made to date. I have initiated several different Roth and Traditional Fixed Annuity accounts with the help of Goldstone Financial Group over the past several years and am very pleased with the excellent advice and guidance given to me by their team of Advisors. They helped me roll over several old 401Ks over the years with very little work on my part. The ongoing communications, partnership, and social opportunities are second to none. I give them my highest recommendation.

Bill W. (Client Since 2011)

Professional Approach

Eight years ago my wife and I transferred our life savings over to Goldstone Financial from the local bank that had been advising us for more than 10 years. Unlike the local bank, Goldstone Financial Group has set us on a track of growth that we had not previously seen with our local bank. Goldstone have made themselves and their staff available to address any concerns regarding our retirement future needs. We are thankful for the professional approach that Goldstone Financial Group has demonstrated in the advising and handling of all our retirement needs. We enjoyed the chance to celebrate their success and ours at the Adler Planetarium dinner this year. Thank you, Anthony and the entire Goldstone Financial team!

Frank K. (Client Since 2011)

By Far The Best In Serving The Client

Enjoy our relationship in doing business with Goldstone Financial Group. In our forty years of working with financial planners, Goldstone is by far the best in serving the client!

Arthur R. (Client Since 2011)

Made Us Feel Like We Are One Of The Family

My wife I have been with Goldstone for almost 10 years and I can say it was one of the smartest decisions we made to have them help us manage our future. We have been very happy with how Goldstone has managed all our investments and helped us plan for retirement. Both Anthony, Brian and the entire team have made us feel like we are one of the family. We have told several friends and family about them and they are also glad we did.

William S. (Client Since 2011)

Very Knowledgable

Goldstone Financial is a great place to work with and they are very knowledgeable and helpful with all my financial needs. I strongly recommend them.

Patrick H. (Client Since 2012)

Very Welcoming & Helpful

The culture of this company is absolutely great, the team is very welcoming and helpful. We are very grateful to have heard about this firm at the right place and right time years ago. Goldstone was and continues to be a positive experience for us, and I am comfortable in knowing that we made the best decision.

James B. (Client Since 2012)

Extremely Professional

Goldstone is extremely professional and shows personal interest and concern for its patrons. The appointments are conducted well and on time. The staff is also a good representation of the entire organization. A good company to do business with!

Cheryl R. (Client Since 2013)

They Treat You Like You Are Important

I have nothing but good things to say about this company. They always treat you like you are important to them, even if you are not one of the “big fish” in the realm of investment management. They have guided me without being pushy and have always followed up on questions or inquiries. Their staff is very professional and knowledgeable. They take the time for an annual review with each client, where they not only go over how your investments have been performing, but also suggest alternatives that you as a client may not have been aware of.

Ulrike K. (Client Since 2013)

Far Above The Rest

After working with several financial advisors, we are glad we found Goldstone. They are the best and far above the rest. As a finance major, I am impressed with their knowledge and understanding of the markets and financial tools available.

Bill D. (Client Since 2013)

Easy To Reach & Talk To

Anthony, Brian, Justin and the rest of the team helped us plan for our retirement. They are easy to reach and talk to. Very good organization.

Richard R. (Client Since 2013)

Family Owned & Operated

Great company, beautiful family owned & operated team business! Thank you & God Bless.

Cindy Y. (Client Since 2014)

Felt Valued As New Clients

Our first Goldstone Financial Group customer event (Kane County Cougars) baseball game was totally enjoyable. Great baseball game, good food and drinks, friendly people and great Goldstone Financial Group personnel made our evening memorable. My wife and I felt valued as new clients from the service and attention received by Goldstone personnel during the event. We met several new acquaintances and feel like we are part of the Goldstone Financial Group family now. Please expect our heartfelt appreciation for arranging and managing a fun and enjoyable evening.

Michael M. (Client Since 2014)

Concerned About Their Clients

So happy to be part of a group that is concerned about their clients. The consideration they have for their people especially at Thanksgiving with the pumpkin pies is really appreciated. I recommend them to anyone who wants to invest their money. I have already mentioned them to my friends. Great group of people. Anthony and Goldstone’s Sunday morning television show is very informative.

Charlotte R. (Client Since 2015)

The Professionalism Of The Entire Team Is Outstanding

We attended a dinner event and after hearing the presentation decided to make an appointment with Anthony to discuss our investments. The professionalism of the entire Goldstone Financial Group team is outstanding. We have been continually impressed with the consistent contact and follow-up on a regular basis. Knowing that our investment portfolio is in good hands gives us great peace of mind. We highly recommend Goldstone Financial Group to anyone looking for sound investment advice.

Catherine T. (Client Since 2015)

Sound Financial Advice

I had a very good experience with Goldstone Financial Group starting with a delicious dinner at a fine restaurant. At a subsequent meeting, various options were explained to me, I feel I was given sound financial advice, and I chose the option which best suited my needs. Everything went smoothly from there and I am very happy with my decision to go with Goldstone.

Mary W. (Client Since 2015)

Exceeded My Expectations

I wanted to take this moment to thank you and your organization for your expert advice and your willingness to keep your client base well informed of the newest and best investment instruments. My wife passed away unexpectedly after a three month battle with lung cancer. Because of the policy, we never had a concern regarding her long term care and now I am able to fund college scholarships for our grandchildren. Goldstone, as an organization, has strengthened my financial position in retirement to a position which has exceeded my expectations.

 William D. (Client Since 2016)

Genuinely Concerned About Clients

Excellent presentation. Anthony is genuinely concerned about his clients. I have been a client for four years and have referred several clients to this firm. I moved my IRA accounts to this firm in a fixed annuity and have not worried about market conditions since.

Robert K. (Client Since 2016)

Gives Clients Undivided Attention & Thoughtful Advice

Goldstone Financial Group gives clients undivided attention and thoughtful advice when choosing from wide-ranging investment opportunities. The staff are friendly and professional at all times.

Sharon V. (Client Since 2016)

Pleasant & Easy To Work With

Both my husband and I have attended several seminars presented by the financial advisors. We both learned a lot of useful information which led us to seek their personal financial advice. All of the members of the office were very pleasant and easy to work with.

Anne K. (Client Since 2016)

Excellent Seminar Presentation

Excellent seminar presentation and it was a great informative evening.

Rajesh S. (Client Since 2016)

Very Responsive

Goldstone is always very responsive and easy to work with.

  Dean B. (Client Since 2016)

First-Class, Very Professional, & Customer Friendly

My husband and I signed on with Goldstone Financial Group almost a year ago. Our initial meeting with Anthony was very informative and relaxed. Anthony took the time to explain options to us in terms we could understand and with a lot of patience. The entire Goldstone family is first-class, very professional, and customer friendly. It is refreshing to know that, once you’ve signed on the dotted line, you are not forgotten. They are always planning special events for their existing clients, which is both good marketing and great customer service. I would highly recommend Goldstone Financial Group for all your investment and retirement needs.

Luann M. (Client Since 2017)

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service. I started with them 8 years ago transferring one account. Now, I have transferred all my 401K to them. They invest in different companies and explain everything. I highly recommend them.

Janice G. (Client Since 2017)

Good, Impressive Management & Staff

Good, impressive management and staff. No pressure environment. Goes a step beyond with investor appreciation events.

Ed K. (Client Since 2017)

Friendly & Responsive

I’ve attended several presentations put on by Anthony and his team. I’ve learned something new during each of the presentations. Anthony is very knowledgeable and informative on strategies for securing an income stream during retirement. His staff is very friendly and responsive to your needs.

Karen W. (Client Since 2017)

Family Friendly Business

A great company to work with, planning your financial future. Solid investments. Family friendly business!

Harvey B. (Client Since 2018)

Friendly, Helpful, & Professional

Goldstone has been outstanding in helping us plan for our retirement. Justin Reppy is very knowledgeable in financial planning and investments of all types. He took the time to explain to us what our best options were for our individual finances. We have a yearly review and he helps us make adjustments if needed. The whole office staff is very friendly, helpful and professional.

Karen R. (Client Since 2018)

Supported Us Every Step Of The Way

Goldstone Financial has been informative, enlightening and educational about our finances. They looked over our entire financial portfolio, determined if retirement was on target, and have supported us every step of the way.

Lisa M. (Client Since 2018)

Very Professional & Very Personable

Love working with EVERYONE at Goldstone Financial. Very professional and very personable….they make you feel like you’re a member of the family. Highly recommended.

Robert L. (Client Since 2019)

Helpful & Honest

Very helpful and honest company that I have only been attached to for slightly less than a year. They care about their clients and give to the community. I’m happy I made the change to Goldstone.

Ed L. (Client Since 2020)

They Are The Best

Highly recommend Goldstone Financial. They are the best, especially Joe Davidson.

Cheryl S. (Client Since 2022)

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