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Are you 35 years or older and seeking advice on how you can manage your finances?

You may not have put much thought into exactly what your plan will be when it comes time to replace your paycheck with retirement income options and your savings, and officially enter retirement. However, it’s crucial you start to plan and protect for retirement during your pre-retirement years so that you don’t miss out on opportunities you wish you had taken advantage of when it finally comes time to make that life change.

Our experienced team at Goldstone Financial Group, will work with you to create an effective financial strategy focusing on: Wealth Management, Short & Long-Term Investment, Tax Advantages, and Financial Trust. We believe it’s important for our clients to understand everything we do because when life happens, your goals and financial needs may change. Goldstone Financial Group may offer exactly what you are looking for.

Wealth Management

In today’s financial climate, preserving the wealth you have saved, earned, and worked hard to build is no easy task. While inflation, new tax regulations, and market conditions can pose a risk to your wealth, it’s also important to consider how your budget and expenditures can affect your wealth. Many people assume that income and wealth protection are separate things, but if there are certain expenditures that stand to reduce your wealth. For example, proper wealth management will involve budgeting strategies as well as investment planning.

With your wealth management plan, we’ll make sure that your portfolio properly incorporates a budget that can reduce the pressure your expenses have on your wealth while protecting your long-term wealth safety from financial bubbles and maximizing upside potential.

Short & Long-Term Investments
When it comes to the construction of your investment portfolio, it’s important to understand both your long- and short-term lifestyle and financial goals in order to properly build an investment plan that meets them. Firstly, portfolio diversity is of the utmost importance. Diversification of assets can help you protect against downside risk and increase your chances for upside gain, all while helping you meet your short- and long-term investment goals such as income generation versus asset growth. As part of our services at Goldstone Financial Group, we provide comprehensive market and investment outlooks that are tailored to your unique investments and financial goals. Along the way, we provide investment risk management assessments that align with your retirement timeline and wealth and income goals.
Tax Advantages

One of the greatest advantages to working with Goldstone Financial Group is that we understand the taxation landscape. We’ve helped our clients successfully minimize their tax burdens through the various options available to them throughout their retirement timeline.

For instance, we can help you maximize your retirement investment accounts based on their taxation status. The Roth IRA and Roth 401(k) are both post-tax accounts, meaning you pay taxes on your contributions and can withdraw tax-free once qualified. Traditional IRAs defer your income taxes so that whatever you contribute to the account in the moment is exempt from income taxes but is owed at the time you withdraw and is subject to your tax rate at the time you withdraw. Think of it this way: A Roth IRA is like taxing the little seed you plant, and reaping the reward later, whereas the traditional IRA is like planting the seed for free but paying tax on the whole bounty of the harvest.

By properly strategizing which years you contribute to and withdraw from your Roth and Traditional IRAs, even so far as to roll over funds from one to another, we can help you pay in tax only what you should and not a penny more.

Financial Trust

These days it can feel as if off-hand financial advice is around every corner. Whether it’s a friend, colleague, or the internet’s next financial “expert”, everyone seems to know what’s going to happen next in the financial world. The truth is nobody can predict the future. Without the combined knowledge of your unique financial situation and the dynamic tools, rules, and best practices of financial planning, it’s impossible to set yourself up with protection for whatever the future could bring while optimizing upside potential.

A fiduciary financial advisor, like those of us at Goldstone Financial Group, are obligated by law to advise in your best interest, regardless of if that advice benefits our firm. Trust is thin these days, but at Goldstone Financial Group, we are the dedicated stewards of your financial success—something that can’t just be found around the corner.

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